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Holly was saved at 10 at the invitation of a friend who took her to church… She quickly became a regular attendee, singing in the choir  as well as the ensemble and even special solos.

When her parents came to church she was in high school and they relocated for the 14th time – to Phoenix,  where she became actively involved in everything that was offered. By the time she was a senior, she was a youth-leader and responsible for praying  with many who repented of their sins and turned their lives into redemption stories for the sake of the Gospel.

Holly went on to become the 20th Century’s Miss Arizona and Model of the year appearing in movies, TV, commercials and even a Calendar Girl…. By all accounts, she had the perfect life, perfect upbringing and model image of a Christian woman following her dreams.

But, the past sins of many quickly came from the darkness and almost consumed her. [My Love, My Life!]

Raised to believe that the way to keep up a Christian “house” is to sweep everything under the rug and never speak of it again.

By the time Holly was 30 years old, amidst all of her accomplishments, she had been married and divorced 3 times and was raising 2 children on her own and making a living a stripper…. Only to marry again – a drug addicted alcoholic with a wondering lust for women.

Holly’s example of “Victim to Victory” utilizes her true-life experiences of being molested and abused by family members, gang raped by neighbor boys and continuing on to a live a life without boundaries leading to abuse, pornography, failed marriages and the abortion that still breaks her heart to this day.

These are the patterns of behavior that come from the “Sins of our fathers” down family lines…Snowballing as the roll from one generation to the next – manifesting themselves in different ways as the grip the hearts of the sinners and the saints they touch…. Often hidden within the walls of the sanctuaries that we call “church,” yet used by Satan to keep others away from the redemptive love of Jesus and the saints because they feel that they are simply too dirty, used up and unworthy to qualify for such a love as is Jesus Christ.

There is victory in Jesus!

Holly T. Ashley is a published author, accomplished Christian speaker and equips both the sinners and the saints with Christian Domestic Violence resources and teaching her court-approved Christian Domestic Violence curriculum to those mandated by the courts, DHS, DCS, CPS and other referring agencies.

Holly also consults churches and ministries in setting up Biblical counseling/resource centers and Domestic Violence/Legal-lay counselor programs at their ministry and church locations.

Holly has been involved as a grass-roots advocate in the field of abuse for thirty years. Her initial outline that was presented to the Arizona Governor’s office before there was ever even a law against abuse, serves as much of the foundation that you see to day in the domestic violence field. (You can read about that here)

Holly went on to become a certified counselor, educator, policy maker, teacher, writer, consultant, expert witness, jury profiler  – even assisting local prosecutors with mock-trials and voir dire in high-profile violence cases.

Holly is available to speak in any venue – Please visit our contact page. 

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Holly T. Ashley