In this day and age of false teachers spouting all sorts of unbiblical doctrine and taking Scriptures out of context - it is imperative that our ministry be forthcoming in noting that everything that Holly T. Ashley does is done under the headship and authority of her husband, David Ashley, founder of Cross Strength Ministries - which is the parent company of Redemption (R3).  

This statement alone will get us a lot of hate mail - especially in the field of domestic violence - whereby "headship" and male authority is under attack - even to the point of emasculation. 

But, I - that is me, Holly T. Ashley - not only knows, but understand's  that the Lord is very clear on the different role of men and women, husband and wife, in the church, in the home, and in the world around us - Therefore, it is our desire to present this ministry in the light of Christ and His word.