R3 Service Provider Training criteria: 

Please read our statement of faith. We are a Christ-centered organization that serves Jesus Christ and His holy, infallible, living Word. Any and all individuals who desire to take the training must be sponsored by their church. Churches who wish to set up training must submit a non-refundable $1000 deposit before we can schedule your training. Once booked, you may change your date without penalty but cancellations will not be refunded unless due to a natural disaster. 

Minimum amount of people required: 

There is a 10 student minimum. 
Where is the training?

We come to you. All individuals who desire to be trained to be a lay-counselor, lay-legal advocate, or court advocate must have a church sponsor.  
How long is the training? 

40 hours total (broken up into days per your schedule and ours)
Cost Per Person? 

$350 per person or $500 for married couples
Is there a discount for couples?
$500 for married couples
Can anyone purchase the materials without taking the class? 

Only individuals who have completed the required training to become certified, can purchase the training materials. The Victim to Victory workbook may be purchased for $35 and do not require certification as this is a healing tool for the victim of abuse. 

Is there a certification or CEUs available for this program?

CEUs - Continuous Education Credits - are available at most conferences where the material is presented. Please check with the agency hosting the conference for further information. 

Weekend Workshops

Weekend workshops are for churches and ministries nation-wide and are hosted by you. We recommend that the host-facility provide a light breakfast, snacks, and a lunch. Fit-to-Lead weekends are sometimes weekend camps that will include a fitness component - Saturday only's do not. Please contact us for further details. 
Weekend Workshop Cost

Raise The Bar Strength and Dignity Workshop for women is $35 per person and there is a 20 person minimum. 

Fit to Lead can be either a one-day workshop or a weekend retreat. Host is responsible for logistics.

Cost for one-day Fit-To-Lead seminars is $35 per person and there is a 20 person minimum.

Weekend retreats are subject to logistics and will be negotiated at the time of inquiry as to the Host's expectations. 


Costs do not include travel expenses. These expenses include air, hotel, and transportation
Speaking Engagements

Along with the cost of travel and expenses: Holly and David charge $500 for 1-4 hours and $1000 for 5-8 hours. 
Domestic Violence Services Consulting

$150 per hour and a $1500 retainer is required. 

Speaking - Teaching - educating

Domestic Violence knows no bounds

Weekend Workshops: 

  • Raise the Bar: Specifically designed mother/daughter day. This all day seminar is all about Biblical womanhood from dating to being a wife - and the standards God gives for His beloved works of art: That is: Women. 
  • Fit to Lead: Specifically designed for Father/Son. This all day faith and fitness journey is all about Biblical manhood and learning to be a Biblical leader in your home, in your school, in your job, and in your community. 
  • Weekend Workshops - can be Friday - Saturday and will include more components, including health/wellness, diet/nutrition, fitness/exercise, dating and violence, and all include parent/child Biblical relationship building. Both events are well received either in a church symposium atmosphere or as a weekend conference/camp atmosphere. Contact us for more details. 


Please scroll to the bottom of this page for registration information. 

Redemption. Restoration. Recovery. (R3) is a Christ-centered domestic violence training curriculum and student workbook that gives ministries, lay-counselors and churches the tools needed to effectively counsel both the victim and offender. The cost of the training/certification program is $350 per person or $500 per married couple. The cost of the victim's workbook and/or the offender workbook is $35. 

This curriculum also meets the criteria for court-mandated classes giving you the opportunity to start a domestic violence ministry in your community that provides healing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a church home to provide ongoing Christian growth and discipleship training.   

In this training you will learn the following: 

The different types of abuse, the impact on our community, the effects on children, DHS/CPS, danger assessments, safety planning, police procedure, order of protections, victim rights, navigating the judicial system - including illegal immigrants and the law pertaining to them, the role of the advocate, the overview of our legal system, criminal law terminology in addition to an entire counseling and group class curriculum with topics that include overcoming abuse, sexual abuse, forgiveness, divorce recovery and so much more. of course all your states resources and referrals are also included.  

Victims of Abuse Recovery Workbook

Education and Advocacy is essential in the fight against domestic violence. Whether in our communities or in our own congregation - Domestic Violence knows no boundaries. Our speakers are men and women  who have life experience that go beyond our degrees. 

Both men and women are victims and offenders of violence and the children are left to learn from their experiences. We have men and women available to speak on these issues and the complications that come with the consequences of all family violence. 

Holly's personal testimony of childhood molestation, gang rape, abortion, abuse and neglect tells its own story that led her into the 25 year cycle of violence and is an eye opener for those who chose not to believe Domestic Violence does indeed happen in the church. 

DV Training Curriculum